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This program empowers your employees to thrive during challenging times.

Offerings under the Un Earth Banner include:

Un Earth Workshop Series (3 x Interactive 1 hour workshops)

Un Earth Me (A high touch individual health and performance program)

Un Earth Sleep (A specialised individual sleep program)

Un Earth Master Classes (Cooking & Breath Work)

 Un Earth has been specially designed to address the impacts of living and working through challenging times. It will give your team science-based advice and practical tips to help them:

Manage their stress levels       

Create healthy sleep, nutrition and fitness habits       

Move from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’

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The Un Earth Workshop Series is based around 3 core themes:

Unwind, Unlock & Unleash

Each workshop session is dedicated to one of these themes. Individually, the sessions provide invaluable tips and tools that your people can apply to improve the quality of their lives.

Once the full program is completed, your people will have the knowledge to make lasting positive changes to the way they live and work.

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Meet the Experts

Un Earth has been developed by wellness experts, Merryn Aldridge and Teresa Kryger. The program leverages their combined 30 years of experience in the fields of optimal nutrition and peak physical performance.

Merryn Aldridge

Merryn is a highly qualified physiotherapist who has spent more than a decade working with Australian Olympians. Her interest in the latest developments in her field, and her focus on holistic recovery plans, gives each of her clients the edge in enhancing their performance.
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Teresa Kryger

Teresa is a clinical nutritionist who specialises in teaching those who lead full and busy lives how to eat in a way that supercharges mood, energy and performance. Her focus on achieving both physical and psychological wellbeing is just one of the reasons she’s called upon by CEOs and executives across Australia.

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Looking for a personalised, one-on-one program for yourself?

Our Un Earth Me & Un Earth Sleep programs are both options that take the journey to achieving your full potential to the next level!

Working closely with wellness experts, Teresa and Merryn, you’ll receive comprehensive, intensive and personalised face to face or online coaching from both of the coaches. They will be your team that will work together with you on your sleep, injury, health and fitness goals.

Over 4 intensive weeks you’ll receive an extensive health and performance assessment, breathing and sleep analysis, meal plans, fitness programs, dedicated supplements for your individual requirements, group sessions, daily support from coaches, weekly check-ins.

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