Having a stressful year? Is it time to Un Earth your potential? If the answer is YES, then our UN EARTH program is the perfect option for you or your team.

Together, combining years of corporate health and sports physio and nutritional experience, Teresa & Merryn have carefully formulated the most effective program to Unwind, Unlock & Unleash body & mind. This can be in the form of delivering individual programs, a workshop series, or a 3 day program called our Un Retreat. Each with their own unique concept. With the support of 2 professional coaches this program has exceptional results in restoring balance in body and brain, a perfect reset for health and performance.

What’s Included

  • Physiotherapy Consultations with Merryn Aldridge (Sports Physiotherapist)
  • Nutrition Consultations with Teresa Kryger (Clinical nutritionist)
  • 1 x BIA Body Composition Scan & Report
  • 1 x UNEARTH Pack (Physio Ball, Bands, & BB Protein)
  • 4 Week FITNESS & RECOVERY Program coupled with Nutrition support
  • Health Fund Rebates available
  • Contact me to request a brochure
Whats Included Revive & Reboot

Other Benefits of this Program

  • Proven results to improve health & recover from injury.
  • Take yourself to the next level in 2021
  • To improve mood and happiness
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Posture Perfection
  • Clear skin
  • A detailed training program that helps you train hard (HIIT), recover using science and feel great.


“Working on my imbalances with a technical approach to core strength and flexibility really gave me better body awareness and understanding as to why I was had spent so many years in pain” -Travis Ryan

“Merryn developed a plan to go back and re strengthen all the muscles that had been forgotten over the years.” -Ben Cottle

“Merryn was able to diagnose the driver of the problems in my pelvis and we worked our way back from here. She was able to advise my team on training and nutrition best ways to achieve our goals and all work together. ” -Sandra Robertson

“Merryn is an outstanding physio. She was great at motivating me to rebuild my core strength post-baby. She is extremely articulate and explains how the body works and how to do the exercises in simple, understandable language. She is really empathetic and uses appropriate positive reinforcement and shares her own experience, when relevant.” -Vicki Slavina

“I highly recommend Merryn Aldridge- she really helped reduce my pain levels and provided really practical at home exercises and stretches that has helped for ongoing rehab and strengthening.” -Kate Norton