Discussed over a coffee one day the vision of Un Retreat became a reality. Teresa Kryger, Suzanne Storrie and myself had all been having the same thoughts about the powerful results of scooping up our clients for a 3 day luxury immersion of body and brain work. It was clear this was not a retreat we were creating. We all wanted our clients to unwind old patterns, unlock new habits & unleash high performance. Hence the term …Un Retreat. The opposite of retreat is to ADVANCE and this was the beginning.

The first fully booked Un Retreat will be held in Berry NSW, 2021. And the second one is already in planning. I am beyond excited to host the most amazing experience for all participants. The fully integrated approach uses the science of behavioural change, physiotherapy, nutrition, coaching psychology, & exercise physiology. This ensures we achieve holistic results which transfer into health, life and work.

This is a perfect experience for an executive, to gift themselves time in a luxurious space and prioritising taking their performance to the next level that year. The benefits being regeneration, movement, energy, fuel, focus, leadership, purpose, satisfaction & resilience.

We have developed an authentic program like no other that leaves you feeling supercharged. It’s based on over 50 years of combined clinical experience taken from the executive world of CEO’s and boardrooms, to the sporting arena of Olympians there is something here for everyone who wants to perform at a higher level.