“The first time I used a foam roller as an athlete I knew I’d found just the thing to help me recover, feel more balanced and tall and prevent injuries”.

With the years of being an athlete and then the clinical experience of treating bodies Merryn Aldridge knows about the benefits of using the foam roller that include decreasing pain to increasing performance. She discusses how you can learn to use this as a self management tool and support your balance and postural journey.

What do we know about how foam rolling benefits the body?

MERRYN: Foam rolling is a proven tool to support whole-body health.

1. Reduces pain

Common imbalances in the body can cause “sticky” fascia (the connective tissue that gives shape to your muscles), causing it to be stuck and tight. Foam rolling softens and moisturises the fascia, helping to reduce pain.

2. Increases mobility in your joints

Tight fascia also limits mobility. Moisturising fascia allows your body to move with more ease and grace supporting function.

3. Reduces muscle soreness

When you exercise, your muscles produce lactic acid, which builds up and causes muscle soreness. Foam rolling helps release lactic acid, recover faster which is getting you back to your sessions faster.

How do I incorporate foam rolling into my weeks?

MERRYN: Foam rolling should be incorporated when it most counts for you. For me it’s at the end of a busy stressful day, for others it may be pre or post workout. The good news is it benefits you at any time and 5-10 mins is all you need 3 times per week. I have my 10 min foam roller recovery workout that I use and now I give to clients as it works to help my body function and perform.

Where can I learn how to foam roll?

MERRYN: Through my instructional videos or a consultation with me over telehealth or in the clinic.

How often should we be foam rolling?

MERRYN: I recommend three times per week however its a restorative recovery method that you can do anytime!

Where can you purchase a foam roller?

MERRYN: My online store has foam rollers in every size. The size does determine how many exercises you can do on it with the bigger 90cm roller having more functions for the spine however the smaller ones are more suitable to store in a small space or bag. For people over 182cm (6ft) I recommend the 90cm foam roller.