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Merryn believes in pushing boundaries for others and opening eyes to the physical body’s potential. Using the foundations of science and anatomy Merryn has overcome her own physical and psychological obstacles to strive for a peak level of health and performance in brain and body. The wealth of knowledge absorbed from treating clients all performing at the top of their fields from Olympic medalists, to high executive CEO’s Merryn will help you tackle physical obstacles and open your mindset to new health and performance potentials.

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Merryn uses movement to rehabilitate, perform, recover, and to be present & mindful. Practice movement with Merryn in the follow 4 categories: Pregnancy Journey, Body & Mind Connection with Breathing, Physio, & Core & Glutes.

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Sports & Athletic Movement Expert


Sports & Athletic Movement Expert
  • Initial & Standard Consultations
  • Dry needling for injury, recovery and performance
  • Posture Power Programs
  • Pregnancy Injury, Health and Fitness
  • Sports Injury & Performance Programs
  • Running Technique Assessment

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Merryn partners with Strive Stronger presenting, delivering workshops and being LIVE online around the topics of posture, body awareness and performance. Merryn also founded the Body Overhaul Program with Strive Stronger for executives looking for powerful physical improvements.

Strive Stronger is helping clients wake up to a better way of living, working and leading by delivering a range of innovative large-scale digital well-being and productivity programs.

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Physio Speaking & Seminars


“Working on my imbalances with a technical approach to core strength and flexibility really gave me better body awareness and understanding as to why I was had spent so many years in pain” -Travis Ryan

“Merryn developed a plan to go back and re strengthen all the muscles that had been forgotten over the years.” -Ben Cottle

“Merryn was able to diagnose the driver of the problems in my pelvis and we worked our way back from here. She was able to advise my team on training and nutrition best ways to achieve our goals and all work together. ” -Sandra Robertson

“Merryn is an outstanding physio. She was great at motivating me to rebuild my core strength post-baby. She is extremely articulate and explains how the body works and how to do the exercises in simple, understandable language. She is really empathetic and uses appropriate positive reinforcement and shares her own experience, when relevant.” -Vicki Slavina

“I highly recommend Merryn Aldridge- she really helped reduce my pain levels and provided really practical at home exercises and stretches that has helped for ongoing rehab and strengthening.” -Kate Norton